Why dealing with us?

You have a project idea, and you want to...

  • benchmark it
  • analyse its feasibility
  • get a prototype as soon as possible

You need top-notch expertise, to...

  • carry out one complex R&D project
  • identify the key technology
  • get support all the way to industrialisation

In any case, if your project does not fit any box (you're not even sure it is feasible... )

IoT, embedded systems, algorithms, sensors, we are the trustful technical partner supporting you at each development stage.

Fields of expertise



From idea to proof of concept, or even to product

As an R&D service company, we gather all the expertise and the necessary equipments to support you from the initial need expression to small series production and to all prototyping stages.
In network with designers, mechanical engineers, certification body...

  • System design / technological choice
  • PCB design
  • Embedded software
  • Mechanical prototype
  • Home made algorithms
  • Industrialisation


R&D services

Our main expertise is sensor implementation and exploitation.

We handle:
  • technology and component selection as well as measurement processing through well suited algorithms.
  • domains: inertial, optics, RF...
Iocène has been certified to offer the research tax credit (crédit d'impôt recherche) to French companies eligible for the R&D tax credit. This certification is an important recognition of our R&D expertise.
  • Research tax credit accreditation
  • Sensors and efficiency
  • Data and mathematics


Laure Sinègre picture

Laure Sinègre


From oilfield to healthcare, from international companies to startups, I had the chance to work in different environments, to apply my skills in applied mathematics, control command and data fusion, to different businesses.

Laure holds a MSc in Engineering from Mines ParisTech and a PhD in applied mathematics from Mines Paristech.

Etienne Boilley picture

Etienne Boilley

Embedded systems

Passionate about robotics things, flying things, and overall useful things, I was very young when I began to get interested to all domains needed to make those things come alive. To a large extent autodidact, I holds a MSc from ESISAR where I actively participate to robot and UAV challenges.

Etienne holds a MSc in Electronical Engineering from ESISAR, INPG.


New developments need a lot of skills.
We will work with your engineers and partners. If needed, we will help you identify new partners.

Confidentiality / IP

We carry out developments on your behalf. Our goal is to be useful to you.
By default, IP will always be yours. We meet your confidentiality requests.

Results oriented / Experience

With more than a dozen achievements, we lean on our experience to advise you not the trendiest technology, but the one that will suit your needs.

Reactivity / agility / creativity

We are open minded. Our main concern is to understand your job and to make things move forward.
We work with startup as well as with major companies, in any case, we adapt to your way.


Radiofrequency module

From a state of work established by a startup, we have develop a system that analyse the spectrum occupancy (2.4GHz - 5GHz bandwidth).


Module TF

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